Children's amusement

In low and mid season pedal vehicles are available for our little guests (gokart, tricycle and scooter).

Some family excursions: Playground of Paratico which offers not only various equipment and lake view but also a picnic area with shadow and bar (15 min by car). Waterpark Acquasplash of Timoline (10 min). Nature reserve Le Torbiere with walking trails also for younger children. Archeological Park Archeopark of Darfo Boario (30 min). Your children can experience how people were living 1000 years before and they can try a logboat or float. Adventurepark Adventureland of Borno (50 min) for climbing trails between trees for children with min. 110 cm height or baby parcour (55 min). Waterfall trail in Franciacorta (the expert one is not acceptable for little children because of a vertical ladder of 12 m length). Outletcenter Franciacorta with playground. Hiking trail Antica Strada Valeriana (also to enjoy picnic). Zoo Le Cornelle of Valbremo (60 min). Verona for kids (50 min). And when it rains: shopping center Le Porte Franche (20 min).


The market in the old town center of Iseo is perfectly suited for strolling and shopping because it comprises also clothing and accessoires.

The centre of Iseo offers a variety of interesting shops for a pleasant shopping trip.

Close to Iseo there are several large shopping centers. Ten minutes by car you find the Franciacorta Outlet Center which offers brand fashion at reduced prices. 


Spend a joyful day in the various amusement parks not far away from Iseo: Gardaland (Castelnuovo del Garda, 45 min by car), Adventureland (Borno, 60 min), which offers you acrobatic climbing possibilities. Waterpark Acquasplash in Timoline (10 min) and Waterpark Le Vele in San Gervasio Bresciano (40 min).