Which classification has Camping Punta D'Oro ?
Punta D'Oro has always been classified with three stars. But 2007 a new law for the classifcation came into force. In all parameters we received three stars. Only regard the parameter "surface : maximum number of guests" we missed it because of a few square meters. Therefore we have now two stars. It would be possible to get three stars reducing the number of pitches, but we decided to keep the pitches we always had.
How do we assign the reservations?
When we assign the reservations the moment when the booking request was made is important. Unfortunately often there are more requests for the same pitch. In this case we will choose the reservations which match in the best way in order to minimize the free days between two bookings.
Which is the opening time of the reception ?
The reception is open from 9.00 until 12.15 and from 13.30 until 22.45 o'clock.
At what time can I make check-in?
Not before 10.30 a.m.
At what time the departure is possible ?
Not before 7.30 a.m., not later than 10.30 a.m.
How are the sanitary facilities ?
          The water has drinking water quality.
          All toilets are normal toilets, we have replaced the other ones. Toilet paper, soap and disinfectant gel are provided. 
Can I pay with credit cards?
Is the WIFI connection always free ?
Yes, the connection for two devices is free of charge.
Can friends and relatives visit me on the camp site ?
Not in season ALTA2, otherwise yes. But they have to hand over a document to us and they have to pay a charge.
Is there a swimming pool on site ?
Is there a playground on site ?
No, there is the public one in 400 m distance.
Is there animation for children in summer ?

Do I need a license to fish in the lake ?  Yes, it costs 23 EUR and is valid one year. You must have with you proof of payment and your ID. Payment must be made by bank transfer: IBAN IT95D0306909790100000300047 with BIC/SWIFT code BCITITMM (add XXX if your bank's system requires additional characters to identify th ebank branch). Reason for payment: "tassa pesca, licenza tipo B - M1, name, surname and tax code of the license holder".


Where is the next ...

... pharmacy?
In 400 m distance.
... hospital?
In 300 m distance.
... medical emergency service?
In 300 m distance.
... cash dispenser?
In 300 m distance.
... supermarket?
In 300 m distance, less than 10 min on foot: Italmark.
... post office?
In 600 m distance.
... mail box?
In 150 m distance.
... laundrette?
In Via Roma: 8/15 kg laundry 20/90°C 3,50/6,00 EUR, dryer 15 kg 1,00 EUR/8 min.
... shopping center?
Le Torbiere - Shopping Center - 4 km.
... recommendable restaurant or pizzeria?
In 600 m distance.
Is there a veterinary available ?
Yes, he will come also on the camp site if it is necessary.
It is possible to rent mountainbikes ?
Yes, Iseo Bike bring the bycicles also to the camp site.
Is there a taxi service available ?
Yes, it will bring you to Brescia, Bergamo etc.
Where can I launch my boat which has more than 2,40 m widthways ?
Marina Pezzotti in Pilzone (2 km).
Camping Punta D'Oro accept any kind of boats ?
We can not accept boats with more than 1.300 kg.
Where starts the ferry to Monte Isola ?
In Iseo near the Garibaldi Place (15 min on foot).