The camping regulation is integral part of the booking conditions.

Updated for season 2018.

Access and Registration

Before you install your tent, caravan or camper, please handover an identity document to the staff for the compilation of the notification form (registration).


Pitches are available from 10:30 am on the day of your arrival. You are requested to vacate your pitch by 10:30 am on your day of departure. If you wish to extend your stay, please contact Reception before 10.00 am on your expected departure date.The cost of your stay is made by calculating the number of nights, regardless of the time of arrival. The departure has to be done before 10.00 am otherwise it will be charged a supplementary night.

The pitches

The Direction will assign you a pitch. On your pitch you may site one caravan with car, one motorhome or one tent with car. Additional tents and vehicles need the permission of the direction. Equipment, boats and vehicles must be placed within the boundaries of the pitch. It is not allowed to occupy free pitches.


Visitors are allowed only in season BASSA, MEDIA and ALTA1 with our permission (max. four persons), please note that they have to hand over an ID to us and they have to pay a charge. In case of failed registration the costs will be charged on your bill.

Visitors are not permitted in ALTA2.

Sunbathing green area

The sunbathing green area is available for all our guests. Guests can use chairs, deck chairs and beach towels. Tables, unused air beds, swim rings and any kind of boats are forbidden.


Dogs are allowed, but they must be kept always on a leash whilst on-site. Please be courteous and clean up after your dog and throw the poo bags in the waste container "indifferenziato". Dogs are also allowed to go into the lake if other guests will not be disturbed.On the ferry to Monte Isola dogs have to wear a muzzle. In the natural reserve Torbiere dogs are forbidden.

Repose period

Please keep noise at a level which will not disturb other site users, especially between 10.00 pm and 8.00 am.During the repose period vehicles are not allowed to circulate. From 11 pm to 7.30 am both entrances are closed. The access for pedestrians is always warranted.

vehicles & Terms of use for the external parking place

Pedestrians always have priority over vehicles. The speed limit on-site is 5mph. As there are often young children playing, we ask you to take special care when driving on-site. It is forbidden to clean all kinds of vehicles on-site. TERMES OF USE OF THE EXTERNAL PARKING PLACE: The parking place in Via Roma 49 Iseo is not guarded: the service of Punta D'Oro is limitated on the supply with an area to park for a fee; Punta D'Oro can not be held liable for the deprivation of objects and valuables, also with enclosed vehicles. The user of the external parking place assumes liability for any personal or property damage which are caused by himself. Punta D'Oro is not liable for damages which are caused between users.

Young guests

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their parents, who are responsible for ensuring that they observe and respect the campsite rules. Parents are directly responsible for the behaviour of their children. They must ensure that they do not disturb other campers. Young children must always be accompanied by an adult to the washroom and must always be supervised when bathing in the lake.

Prohibited behaviour

It is forbidden to throw rubbish outside the provided bins, to dig holes or ducts in the ground, to light free fires, to damage the vegetation (please do not pour your cooking water on the vegetation), to pull strings at eye level and to install anything else that could constitute potential danger and obstruct free passage.

Use of sanitary facilities

We make every effort to keep the site facilities clean and tidy and ask for your assistance in maintaining this standard by using the refuse and recycling bins and chemical disposal points provide. Please leave all facilities clean after use and do not use them during the cleaning process.

Boats and buoys

immagine campo boe

We do not accept boats with a weight over 1,3 t. Only boats which are authorised by the management can berth in zone A. The assigned buoy can not ceded to someone else and it can not be changed. It is allwoed one boat per buoy. In case a client wants to vacate his buoy it is necessary to inform first the management. The management has the right to change the assigned buoy number because of weather conditions, safety reasons or organizational reasons. The costs for the buoy rental are part of general price list. Costs are calculated per night. The boats have to be moored with adequate ropes by the boat owner/user who is responsible for their efficiency. The buoy user is held responsible for any damage his boat causes. The management is not liable for any theft. It is forbidden by law to place improvisational buoys in the water. The mooring of boats without buoy is allowed outside zone A and B and with anchors.

Important navigations rules

The boat owner/user is responsible that friends and family respect the navigation rules. Departure and docking manouvres must always be carried out at right angles to the coast and at very low speed (with gear engaged). Landing is only allowed on the right or left side of zone B. In zone B (bathing area) passage and anchoring of boats are forbidden. Zone B is reserved for bathing. Switch off the boat engine during standstill. Teens under 16 years are not allowed to drive motor boats. For waterskiing the boat license is mandatory. The management will expel campsite guests which do not respect the navigation rules, you can find them here:


Barbecues are allowed. Please ensure that smoke and fume do not annoy other site users.

Feeding animals

It is forbidden to feed ducks and swans !

Energy supply

The pitches are supplied with 3A/5A of electrical power. This is based on the energy consumption of low-powered appliances. As a result it is not possible to use heaters, hobs, water heaters.

Waste sepAration

Outside the site there is a recycling area with varoius bins for glass & cans, paper, plastic, organic fraction and residual waste. In the sanitary facilities and in the bar there are also bins for separating waste. Please separate your waste in a correct way.

responSibility of the management

Guests who find lost items on-site are kindly asked to take them to the Direction Office immediately. We recommend you to take care of your personal effects and take appropriate precautions. Cash and valuable objects should not be left unattended inside caravans, tents or rental caravans. The Management can not be held liable for loss or theft.

Furthermore the management will not be held responsible for any damages to property or persons due to fire, vandalism, accidents or lost of electricity, force majeure, natural phenomenons (storm, hail, falling pine cones, ...) or disasters.

Each guest is swimming in the lake at their own risk. Parents must supervise their children when bathing.


The management reserves the right to expel without refund any camper or visitor judged at their discretion as undesirable. Also persons who did not respect these regulations.