Discover the ancient centre of Iseo

  • Pieve di S. Andrea
  • Castello Oldofredi
  • Palazzo dell'Arsenale
  • Piazza Garibaldi

Cities of cultural interest

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  • la Città Alta of Bergamo


  • "Palazzo Ducale"
  • "Palazzo The"




Estimated driving time from Iseo by car:
Brescia 25 min, Bergamo 50 min, Mantova 90 min, Milan 90 min, Verona 60 min, Venice 2,5 h (with train also 2,5 h, ticket price bidirectional ca. 65 EUR).

Sites of Historical Interest

Pyramids of Zone:
A nature reserve with rock steeples (about 30 meters high) with a kind of rock cap on the top, originated by water erosion.

National park of stone engravings of Naquane:
Prehistorical stone engravings which picture hunting, prayer and everyday life scenes.